What Does Your Dirty Air Conditioner Cost You Per Year?

What is your Dirty Air Conditioner Cost You Per YEAR!

The air conditioning system draws the air from inside the room and recirculates it back into the room. The air contains an array of contaminants such as dust, dirt, pet dander and bacteria; some of this accumulates on the indoor coils. The indoor coil’s job is to heat up and heat the air that passes through it, or cool down and cool the air that passes through the coils. When the coils are clogged up by dirt and contamination the air struggles to pass through and the air conditioner has to work harder to push the air through the clogged up coils. By cleaning and removing this contamination build up, you can substantially save on Running Costs and Reduce Energy Consumption by up to 28% images A 2400 watt (2.4 kW) Air Conditioner used for 8 hours—Total electricity used: 2.4 x 8 = 19.2 kWh Tariff*= 27.10 per c/kWh x 19.2kWh = $5.20 per day $5.20 x 365 days = $1,898 per year A dirty air conditioner will be using up to 28% more energy eg: 27.10 cents + (27.10 cents x 28% =7.58 cents)= 34.68 c/kWh Dirty Air Conditioner 34.68 c/kWh x 19.2 kWh = $6.65 per day Dirty Air Conditioner $6.65 x 365 days = $ 2,427.25 per year Clean Air Conditioner 27.10 c/kWh x 192 kWh = $5.20 per day Clean Air Conditioner $5.20 x 365 days = $ 1,898 per year Removing contaminants will not only Save you Money it will also extend the life of your Air Conditioning System. *Based on tariff of 27.10 cents per Kilo Watt per hour. The formulations are a guide only and do not indicate your current tariff rate but only based on an average tariff rate. Pricing is an approximate indication only. Copyright 2015 Sanitair Australia www.sanitair.com.au
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