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Air conditioning

Reduce Aircon Power Bill- 5 free tips

Reduce Air Conditioning Running Costs! Did you know, that cleaning your outdoor air conditioning condenser unit is important? And that regular cleaning can reduce your power bills and save you money. People tend to forget about the outdoor system because it is generally out of sight and out of mind. But after reading this… you […]
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smelly air conditioning

What causes smelly air conditioning?

“There’s a really bad smell coming from my air conditioner, what is it from?” This is a question we hear from our customers on a regular basis. Smelly air conditioning units can be caused by mould and mildew that accumulate from condensation on the air conditioner coils, or a clogged drain pan or a leak […]
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Does your insurance company cover negligence?

What Is The Insurance Definition Of Negligence? “Negligence is a failure to act in a way that a reasonable person would when faced with the same situation/circumstance. In insurance, the policy holder might be negligent, or it might be another party.” ~ The balance If you enquire whether an insurance company covers fire/flood and escaping water in homes, it’s safe to say […]
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Heat Pump Cleaning

Heat Pumps also known as reverse cycle air conditioners, are a very efficient form of domestic heating. For climates with moderate heating and cooling needs, heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to electric heaters or air conditioners.   Facts about Heat Pumps Heat Pumps do not generate their own heat. The outside air contains heat […]
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Resort Industry

Sanitair – Preferred Supplier in the Resort Industry

The preferred supplier in the Accommodation industry for Air Conditioning Maintenance is Sanitair Australia. As the most trusted in Australia servicing over 50,000 customers annually. Sanitair has over 50 technicians located throughout Australia in every state and territory. Not everyone is welcome, only those suppliers who have been recommended by owners and managers in the resort industry as […]
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Switch Off and Save Energy

Reduce energy consumption, switch off and save energy over the holiday period by switching off all electrical appliances that you don’t need on standby while you are away. Want to know how to save energy in your home? If you are going away over the Easter holidays or long weekend, turn everything off that doesn’t need […]
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