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World Health Day- 7 April 2017

How so many of us miss the basics of simple hygiene! ~ Dr John D’Arcy “There is nothing as constant as change”. I think we all agree.  Close your eyes for just a minute and change happens. It might be as simple as realising that the size of the containers which contain your peanut butter […]
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Sanitair Cairns reports for Duty on Reef Ranger

Even at sea, indoor air quality is as important as a fresh sea breeze. Staff and visitors on board the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Cairns based patrol vessel, “Reef Ranger” now breathe with ease. This is the second time that the team from Sanitair™ Cairns have completely cleaned and sanitised the air conditioning systems on […]
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Air Conditioning Cleaning in Rental Properties

Clean Air Conditioning and Rental Properties There are many things that should be considered before signing a lease. However, one of the most ignored things is the state of the air conditioning systems. Before one can sign a lease for an apartment, or any other real estate property, they should evaluate the state of the AC unit. […]
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