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Split System Cleaning & Sanitsing

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Additional Fees and Charges may apply:

Additional charges may apply subject to final site and system inspection. Any additional charges will be quoted before any work commences.  All pricing quoted is based on systems with low to moderate contamination levels

Surcharges can be applied to the following, but not limited to;

  • For weekends, after hours, and public holidays.
  • If customer is located over 30 km’s from Sanitair Technicians base.
  • Systems that are fitted higher than 2.4 meters from the floor.
  • Multi-level or high rise apartments.
  • Services requiring more than one Technician.
  • Travel, parking and toll fees.
  • If furniture needs to be moved and / or there is no clear access underneath the indoor air conditioner.
  • If any curtain rods, pelmets or any other wall hangings need to be removed.
  • Air conditioners that are extremely contaminated from environmental factors such as nicotine, fats and oils, biological contaminants eg. mould and fungi.


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