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Sanitair Service Technician – Professional Code of Conduct

All Sanitair Technicians have Agreed in writing to abide by the Sanitair Code of Conduct when delivering our Sanitair™ Award Winning Air Conditioning Cleaning and Sanitising Services.

  • We will always access the service needs of every air conditioner professionally, ethically & morally.
  • We will never recommend to our customers any service that is not required or warranted.
  • We will recommend to customers a downgrade in service if a booked premium service is not warranted or required.
  • We will always respect and protect our customers property and belongings.
  • We will treat every property like our own, we will make no mess when providing our service and leave every property as it is found on arrival.
  • We will endeavour to arrive as close as possible to all scheduled appointment times and notify customers ASAP if we are delayed.
  • We will return and re-clean any system within 24Hours if there is evidence that any service was delivered poorly and not inline with the Sanitair Service Delivery Standard.
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