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Your Appointment with Sanitair has been confirmed.

Thank you for choosing Sanitair to clean and sanitise your air conditioner. On the scheduled day expect a Sanitair Technician in full uniform & branded Sanitair Vehicle. Due to traffic, distance & unforeseen circumstances, please allow a two-hour timeframe for the Technician to arrive at your premises.

As discussed earlier on the phone we do require clear access to the system/s.

Please ensure:
• There is 1 metre access between the aircon wall & any furniture – enough space to set up a ladder front-on
• Unit is not higher than 2.4 metres
• Blinds, curtains & pelmets are removed
• Pets are restrained

Here are two examples of a good and bad set up

Screen Shot 2022 03 22 At 12.27.50 Pm Screen Shot 2022 03 22 At 12.28.12 Pm

If Furniture is Not Removed:
1.    A surcharge could be applied/ or job cancelled
2.   If assistance is required with removing furniture, we are not responsible for any breakages or damages.

Unit Height:
Surcharges are applied for units:
1.    Fitted higher than 2.4 meters
2.   Higher than 2.8 meters require scaffolding – surcharges will be applied for scaffolding & height.
3.   Outdoor unit not located on ground level will not have the coils flushed.

Screen Shot 2022 03 22 At 12.32.32 Pm

Payment is to be received on the day of completion.
All credit card and payments made via tapping incur a surcharge of 1.65% or a one off transaction fee of 30c for Cheque or Savings.

Terms and Conditioners:
For further information, please visit for full terms & conditions, which includes 12 Month Mould Free Guarantee, common issues (such as leaking, odours & noisy units) and much more.

If for any reason, you must cancel your appointment please contact us as soon as possible on 0405 792 627. We require at least 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee of $69.00 may apply.

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