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Air Conditioning Cleaning Retirement Village

Owner or administrator your goals are the same. Quality care, resident health and the perception of a clean environment are central factors in maintaining facility census. A full facility is the key to a healthy bottom line. Sanitair can help you get there…

Your Cleaning Crew Needs Help

Vacuuming, dusting and industrial strength cleansers won’t make a dent. That means your residents’ respiratory systems are constantly being bombarded by:

What can you do to squash the sneezing, headaches, congestion and breathing difficulties these harmful health hazards create? Turn your air conditioners into air cleaners by utilising Sanitair to professionally clean and remove all harmful contaminants and apply advanced environmentally friendly sanitising solutions; that will continue to eliminate the harmful bacteria and mould, guaranteed.

Sanitair has conducted over 70 air conditioning cleans in Noble Lakeside Park during 2006/2007. I have found this company to be highly professional and courteous at all times, the positive feedback from our village residents is a testament to this. Their discounted residents’ price does not reflect the quality of their work and we would have no hesitation in highly recommending Sanitair for all your air conditioning cleaning needs.
Clive Jackson, Manager – Noble Lakeside Park Kingscliff
April 2007

Sanitair Air Conditioning Cleans have been extensively used to benefit the residents of Retirement Communities.

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