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So you want to be the Boss!

Sanitair Franchise

Well we don’t blame you, and let’s face the facts being the boss can have many benefits. You never know Sanitair might just be able to help you become the boss so you can start enjoying those benefits.

Sanitair is Australia’s premier specialised air conditioning cleaning and sanitising provider. We have been providing our Award Winning service throughout Australia in every state and territory since 2005. Our regular customers include Residential Homes, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Education and Aged Care Facilities, Offices, Emergency Services, Prisons and Government Offices.

Sanitair have worked hard over the past 16 years developing systems, products and processes to professionally clean and restore the health and operating efficiencies for our client’s air conditioning systems. Since 2014 we have been sharing the Sanitair system first under licence and now franchise. Sanitair now has 70+ established franchises all over Australia.
Sanitair has provided many franchisees with a quality of life that is so often only afforded to those whom work for themselves.

Sanitair franchising can also provide you with more quality time to spend with your family along with the financial freedom to start living and enjoy life.

Why Sanitair® Franchising

Sanitair is Australia’s largest and most respected specialized Air Conditioning Cleaning & Sanitising service provider. Since 2005 we have gained invaluable experience and knowledge as we lead the way in establishing this emerging and exciting industry that delivers so many benefits for consumers. The management of Sanitair share one philosophy and that is to support franchisees to build successful businesses and through their success the Sanitair brand will continue to grow and remain successful.

Don’t be fooled by what our competitors say! and certainly don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say about Sanitair and listen to our franchisees. We currently have close to 650 published 5 Star reviews on our website over 280 published 5 Star reviews on Google.

When you purchase a Sanitair franchise you will not be paying tens of thousands of dollars for a business that is not established. You will not pay a percentage of your turnover or commission on your total sales. Sanitair franchisees pay one low fixed weekly franchise fee and contribute to their own local area marketing campaigns.

You will be advised and mentored by industry pioneers and franchisors with actual industry qualifications and masters degrees in business. The CEO and Director have also started and established an award winning air conditioning cleaning and sanitising business over many years and their knowledge is priceless for persons wanting to enter the industry or join Sanitair.

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5 Star Reviews

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A Proven Business Model

The Sanitair business model has been proven over many successful years with the current franchisor initially operating their own very successful Air Conditioning Installation and Indoor Air Quality/HVAC Hygiene business.

Ten years later Craig & Jules decided to take a break for a few years and travel with their young family, enjoying some of the fruits of their hard work. Before starting their travels they were convinced to licence their business for a person who also saw huge potential with the business. As they say “the rest is history” interest + education + experience + passion along with Craig & Jules love of helping people saw the licensing business unintentionally grow very quickly whilst they were travelling. This unexpected growth cut their travel plans short to just nine months when they had to return back to the coast to focus on the needs of the growing licensee base and the monster that had been created.

Today Sanitair has over 70 franchises situated in every state and territory of Australia. Most established franchisees are now earning solid six figure incomes, with our top “man in a van” operators earning in excess of $200,000.00 PA. Another testament to our successful business model is that Sanitair currently has more than ten(10) franchisees who have also successfully grown their businesses and purchased multiple franchise units.

Frequently Asked Franchise Questions

How much would you like to earn? The Sanitair system has been proven over many years. We currently have many franchisees earning great six figure incomes. In the last financial year our top franchisee earned over $300,000.00 other established franchises earning between 100k-250k. We have some franchisees who choose lifestyle over income and their work commitment directly reflects the income they achieve. When you own a Sanitair franchise your income earning potential is only limited by your personal abilities and your commitment and consistency.

Yes as a Sanitair franchise owner you are responsible for invoicing your customers directly and keeping your own financial records as per Australian taxation law and requirements. Your accountant will be best to advise you on the best structure for your business.

Yes, Sanitair charge a fixed weekly franchise fee to cover administration costs. Sanitair do not charge percentage-based royalties or commissions on franchisee sales. You pay a fixed weekly fee and after that what you keep what you earn.

Even though leads are generated by head office due to various online marketing efforts such as Google, it is primarily up to every franchisee to promote their service in their exclusive territory. Sanitair does not charge national marketing fees and prefers franchisees to spend their marketing dollars directly in the exclusive regions using their local knowledge.

Unfortunately supplying a low-cost franchise that includes training, basic equipment does not leave much left for a vehicle. Successful candidates are required to supply a suitable company branded vehicle or approved trailer from which to operate their business from. Sanitair does not require franchisee to have a new or particular brand of vehicle. Currently Sanitair franchisees operate from many different vehicles including, Vans, Utes with toolboxes, SUV’s and Station Wagons. We do have a preference for white vehicles which make the Sanitair signage stand out.

Yes, you can obviously work a Sanitair business part-time, however based on our experience you should expect to earn a part-time income. Only you can determine what you are prepared to invest in money and time and what level of return or income you would expect.

If you are purchasing a franchise resale you will be provided with all the financial trading records from the franchise owner. Unfortunately, as franchises are independently owned and operated and due to privacy laws, we cannot provide individual financial records of current franchisees. We can however provide service costs, product costs and franchise appointment averages to assist you in your due diligence and appraisal of the Sanitair opportunity.

Yes, when we started to licence the Sanitair brand we had a simply business model in mind.

Train suitable candidates our proven model that they could duplicate in their new territory.
Provide successful candidates with an exclusive territory to operate their Sanitair business within.
Do not charge a fortune for franchises as the value new would be minimal. As franchisees put in the effort and grow their individual businesses then so to would the value.
Give franchisees the right to sell their franchises and realize the value. We believe that franchisees should be rewarded for all their hard work and effort should they choose to move on to other opportunities or retire.

Yes, currently we have nine (10) franchisees that own multiple franchises between 2 and 4 territories. Sanitair provides franchisees with large fair and equitable regions that allow franchisees to grow and operate multiple units within their territories.

You will need to purchase some proprietary products from Sanitair that are not commercially available. These products form part of the Sanitair system and are considered paramount to the overall success of the Sanitair Brand. Franchisees are free to purchase other approved non company products directly from approved suppliers. Sanitair operates within the franchise code of conduct and does not artificially inflate product costs to the detriment of franchisees. Sanitair will always provide its proprietary products at a fair market value and in line with acceptable consumer pricing relative to the product and its ability to perform as required.

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