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Warming your home this Winter

There’s nothing like a warm home in the winter. When the weather starts to turn cold, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your home warm and toasty. With the rising costs of living, it is sad but staying warm is becoming a luxury for many and we must look at the most […]
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Sanitair Air Conditioners Flood Waters

Air Conditioners Submerged in Flood Waters

Don’t be tempted to turn your air con on if it has been submerged in recent flood waters. Air conditioners are designed to withstand severe weather conditions. However, if the outdoor condenser unit (the system that sits outside your home) has been submerged in floodwater there is a high risk of internal damage. Some components […]
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Why is my AirCon Leaking?

Why is my Air Conditioner Leaking? One problem nearly all conditioning users and owners encounter at one time or another is a leaking air conditioner. Leaks are annoying, inconvenient and can be dangerous. The cause of 9 out of 10 leaking air conditioners is due to a physical blockage in the condensate line. These blockages […]
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Wet Weather – How to Combat Mould

High levels of rainfall in most parts of the country will see a high level of mould in our homes, bathrooms, air conditioners and may even venture into parts of the home that wouldn’t normally get mould. Did you know that with every basket of wet laundry up to 5 litres of water vapour is […]
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WHO – Emerging evidence virus spreads through the air

  WHO has issued new advice after it can’t rule out airborne spread of COVID. WHO acknowledges the possibility that outbreaks in restaurants, choirs and fitness centres around the world were the result of some aerosol transmission. Guy Marks, an epidemiologist and respiratory physician at the University of New South Wales says, Given the likelihood […]
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HVAC Hygiene during COVID-19

HVAC Hygiene During COVID-19 Article AIRAH – Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating. AIRAH has highlighted the importance of maintaining HVAC and other building services – even if premises are temporarily unoccupied. Across Australia, offices and other commercial buildings have emptied out as organisations shut down or staff work from home due to […]
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Clean Air is Crucial for Student Success

Indoor Air Quality – In a year children will spend an average of 1,300 hours in school buildings, where teachers, administrators and other school personnel will concentrate on helping them learn and grow. That means more than just developing curriculum. It also means making sure their schools provide a safe, healthy environment. Over the years, […]
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Private Hospital with Lots of Extras!

Do you think hospital air conditioning should be hygienic? Recently one of our directors was admitted to one of the best private hospitals in the country with a respiratory / lung infection. To his complete disgust, whilst being transferred from the emergency department to the ward, he could not believe his eyes looking up at […]
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Why Does Your Air Conditioner Smell?

Why does your Air Conditioner Smell? This is a pretty common problem and after 15+ years of inspecting and cleaning over 100,000 air conditioners, Sanitair has identified nearly every issue that can lead to a bad smelling air conditioner. History has shown us that the source of air conditioning odours come from one of four […]
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