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Air Conditioning Cleaning is available in Bundaberg.

Aircon Cleaning Bundaberg – Sanitair™ are the air conditioning cleaning service specialists.

We specialise in one thing only, air conditioning cleaning and sanitising servicing, for both residential and commercial applications.  Sanitair™ has over 16 years in the air conditioning cleaning and sanitising industry.  With thousands of happy customers across Australia, our award-winning machine clean will guarantee your system is mould free for up to 12 months.

Your air conditioner is the best way to cool or heat your home, providing there are no hidden nasties on your air conditioner coils.  You should keep it well serviced (and we don’t mean just clean the filters) but a deep machine clean to ensure you, your family, your staff or your customers are not breathing in mould, fungi, bacteria or the like.  Air conditioning systems should be serviced (cleaned) regularly as they often harbour a variety of bacterial organisms that can make you and your family sick.


Sanitair™ Bundaberg offers a comprehensive air conditioning service, specialising in cleaning and sanitising your air conditioner and offer a Nationwide 12 Month Mould FREE Guarantee.

After a Sanitair™ air conditioning clean your air conditioner will be running more efficient, and you can rest assure you will be breathing in Healthy Air for up to 12 months.

Other companies can clean your system, but without the Sanitair™ Coil Treatment, the mould can begin to grow back within 4 weeks.  REST ASSURED and have it done properly and professionally by Sanitair™  Australia’s premier air conditioning cleaning and sanitising company, with over 16 years in the air conditioning cleaning and sanitising industry. We guarantee it!

The air conditioner is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. It is dark, moist and filters out the dirt on which the mould and bacteria feed on and flourish. These mould particles are then recirculated back into the room for the occupants to breathe in.


About Bundaberg

The Bundaberg region is situated approximately four hours drive and only a 45-minute flight north of Brisbane. The region boasts diverse natural resources and facilities. The area lays claim to the internationally renowned Southern Great Barrier Reef, Mon Repos Turtle Rookery, Bundaberg Rum, and the famous aviator Bert Hinkler. Whether you are observing the nesting sea turtles, enjoying a dive, or snorkelling, swimming or fishing, Bundaberg provides an enviable climate and is known as the sub-tropical central coast of Queensland; an appealing feature for residents and visitors alike.

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