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Since 2005 Sanitair® – specialists in air conditioning cleaning.  1800 130 168 Servicing the Adelaide northern, central and southern region.

Australia’s largest and most respected air conditioning cleaning company all technicians hold police clearance certificates are exclusively authorised and working with vulnerable checks.

Our certified technicians will strip clean your air conditioning system removing all visible contamination from the filters, evaporator coils, condensate drain pan, louvre and return air vent. Sanitair uses advanced cleaning and sanitisation products – environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic. Sanitair uses a range of products to provide you with ongoing indoor coil protection from bacterial contamination for up to 12 months depending on your health requirements and budget. 

• Reduce energy costs by up to 28%
• Improve air conditioner health
• Improve indoor air quality
• Safely remove mould and bacterial contamination
• Australia’s leading Air Conditioning cleaning company
• Nationwide 12-month mould free guarantee on premium cleans

About Adelaide

The capital of South Australia, Adelaide has historically been the hub of free-spirited and free-thinking people. It was the first place to abolish sexual and racial discrimination, the first to do away with capital punishment, the first to recognise Aboriginal land rights, the first to give women voting right, and the first place to legalise nude swimming. Renowned for being highly accessible, you can reach any point in the city within a period of 20 minutes. From the heritage city centre to its 4 world class wine districts, scenic beauty and a thriving food scene there’s no shortage of things to do in Adelaide. The River Torrens flows from Mount Pleasant in the Adelaide hills through Adelaide to the sea at West Beach in Adelaide’s western suburbs and plays a significant role in the city’s daily life. Take a cruise on the Popeye motorboat or go on a paddle boat to explore the river and its local birdlife. Stop by the riverside attractions such as the Adelaide Zoo or the North Adelaide Golf Course and enjoy a family day out.

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